LTE - what is it?

Australia and New Zealand have now completed a communications revolution, which includes possibly the biggest changes to the reception of television services ever. Having switched off all analogue television transmissions prior to the end of 2013, a substantial part of the existing television services were reallocated, and auctioned off by the government, generating what was universally referred to as the “digital dividend”.

To facilitate this, some existing digital television channels were reallocated or moved to a different part of the spectrum, this was commonly known as restacking. The restacking process was completed in December 2014. Sections of the freed up spectrum from the “digital dividend” were purchased by Telstra and Optus for high speed mobile broadband applications using 4G or LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology. The use of this “digital dividend” for emerging technology is providing substantial benefits for the general public. However it has not been without its challenges for the television reception industry. Transmissions of the 4G / LTE services commenced in January 2015 and almost immediately reception issues with older non filtered masthead amplifiers were reported.

Be protected

The NEW Kingray Edge series of masthead amplifiers has been engineered to provide a future proof solution with LTE/4G filtering to maximise interference rejection. The range includes both wideband and UHF only models where all services above 694 MHz are filtered, blocking LTE transmissions. In addition to LTE filtering most wideband models in the Edge series include low band filtering to eliminate all services below 174 MHz. The Edge series is designed to meet the needs of the television reception industry now and into the future.