Wednesday, January 21, 2015

GME, the Australian leader in land-based and marine communications equipment, emergency signalling beacons and television signalling equipment has announced two new UHF handheld CB radios will be available for sale from November 2014. 

The TX665 and TX675 will be the ideal way to communicate when mobile phone reception is not available. The two new GME lightweight and compact UHF CB radios offer high range coverage with a choice of 1 watt or 2 watt performance providing up to 10 kilometres range. 

GME engineering DNA is at the heart of these products, guaranteeing high performance in real world conditions, with intelligent software and hardware design to maximise talk time and minimise downtime, along with a two year warranty. 

In addition to providing rechargeable lithium batteries, with up to 14 hours of operation, the TX665 and TX675 radios provide yet another first from GME – USB multi-charge with as little as 4 hour quick charging. GME USB charging options include direct charge into the radio using the USB power supply, via the twin desktop charger or via the 12V vehicle charger (4 hours per radio) all included in the box. Alternatively, use any powered 5V USB socket as a charge source. 

First from GME will be the ability to customise your radio with a choice of interchangeable colour fascia covers available exclusively with the TX665. It comes standard with a vibrant lime green colour, making it ideal for today’s active lifestyles and an optional three pack will also be available offering pink, yellow and grey covers.