Solutions that work

GME can provide an economic and flexible analog network solution based on robust network infrastructure components like the RP3800 rack mounted repeater, TDR portable repeater, tried and proven mobile radio platforms and the highly reliable TX7200 portable radio.

Network Infrastructure

GME offers a number of network infrastructure solutions for both local and wide area networks requiring site linking.

In particular, the new TDR1000 series portable repeaters offer a fast reaction time to emergency situations or solutions requiring temporary and semi-permanent installations. The TDR portable repeaters offer linking options for cross band and cross protocol applications with multiple network signalling features such as CTCSS, MDC1200 and 5 tone selective call. Multiple CTCSS decode will allow a network operator to host several CTCSS groups which can be remotely engaged and disengaged as required.

The TDR repeater offers a 6m telescopic mast for fast network deployment for emergency applications.

Mobile radio units

The new TX3620U and TX3820U/TX3820V platforms offer all network signalling features allowing full compatibility with existing radio networks and a firmware upgrade path for any unique applications.

Latest firmware developments have added many features and benefits for network applications, below is a list of the features and benefits of the TX3620U and TX3820U/V:

TX3620U and TX3820U/V

  • MDC1200 – The digital calling format allows the same capability as 5 tone selective call as well as additional network features such as remote monitoring, emergency alarms and GPS location features.
  • CTCSS – Continuous Tone-Coded Squelch System (CTCSS) or Digital Coded Squelch (DCS)is a quietening system that allows a group of radios to talk to each other without hearing other users on the same channel.
  • Talk around – Enables the radio to talk directly to another radio when both parties are using a repeater channel without going through the repeater itself. This may be necessary when the repeater is out of range but both radios are still within range of each other.
  • Increase channel capacity to 256 channels
  • Increased look up table to 100 ID’s for greater ANI capacity
  • Selective Call (Selcall) – Allows individual radios to be called on a shared channel without the other radios being disturbed. Group Selcall allows more than one radio to be called with a preprogram selcall code.
  • Voting – The ‘Multi-Trunk’ system automatically selects the next available channel on repeater sites using multiple frequency pairs. This allows an efficient sharing of the limited frequency resources. RSSI voting allows a radio to always lock onto the strongest receive channel.
  • Display – Both the TX3620U and TX3820U/V offer the new high contrast LCD with an 11 digit display. The clarity and contrast allows faster user reaction time in emergency messaging and allows fuller channel ID and decode tagging. The new RH004 remote head contains the same LCD and mimics all functionality of the local mount version.
  • Open Scan (OS) – Scans the preselected channels in an ascending sequence. Group Scan (GS) – Scans in the same ascending sequence, but monitors and gives precedence to the preselected priority channel.
  • DTMF – Allows a mobile or portable to send and receive DTMF tones for selective calling or making and receiving phone calls via dedicated PABX interface hardware.

Key Features

  • Compact local control
  • RSSI voting
  • 256 channels
  • GPS interface for position reporting
  • All format 5 tone selective calling
  • MDC1200 compatible signaling with programmable functions
  • Dedicated duress alarm with colour coded key
  • Selectable soft key functions
  • Microphone ready for hook switch options
  • Expanded look up table
  • _______
  • Although the TX3620 and TX3820 series are identical in feature sets, they offer individual maximum power settings for better network tailoring e.g. the TX3620U has a dedicated 5 watt transmitter output offering an economical solution for smaller networks whereas the TX3820 series offers a full 25 watt commercial transmitter output for wider area network applications. The TX3620U is also approved for use with latest 80 CB channels adding a broader use application.

Portable radio units

The new generation TX7200 portable radios contains a new firmware based PCB platform and comes with many new network focused features.

The TX7200 is 5 and 1 watt switchable and operates in the UHF 450-520MHz band for wide or narrow band frequency allocations.

Regardless of your application, the TX7200 puts a world of advanced technology at your fingertips. Packed with high performance features which can be dealer programmed to meet the individual user’s present and future requirements. Designed to be easily operated, even when wearing gloves.

The impressive 124 channel capacity which can be further extended with all 80 CBRS UHF channels, ideal for even the largest fleet or operation. Powered by a high quality 1500 mAh NiMH battery pack, battery life is extended with an automatic receiver ‘sleep’ mode and ‘quiet’ mode. Audible and visual alarms warn the user of low battery voltage.

The TX7200 is 100% Australian made with ultra-miniature surface mounted components using the latest in solder reflow techniques for high performance and reliability. A rugged die-cast metal chassis houses the circuit boards inside a tough poly carbonate case. The TX7200 meets the MIL-STD810C/D/E standards for shock, vibration, humidity, dust and moisture.

The GME portable and mobile units are compatible with all existing analog network signalling features.