AE2000 Omni-Directional TV/FM Antenna

AE2000 Omni-Directional TV/FM Antenna
AE2000 AE2000 Omni-Directional TV/FM Antenna

AE2000 Omni-Directional TV/FM Antenna


All television bands are covered (ABC, SBS and the commercial stations) and in addition the AE2000 picks up FM radio stations and can feed the signals into your boat or vehicles stereo system. The AE2000 has a built-in 20 dB gain low noise amplifier combining the latest in field effect and bipolar transistor technology. This gives the best possible reception on weak signals while minimising any possible overload caused by strong signals from nearby transmitters.
Both the antenna and amplifier are mounted in a streamlined weatherproof plastic radome. The radome is UV stabilised to resist deterioration due to prolonged exposure to sunlight. All screws and mounting bolts are high grade stainless steel to prevent corrosion in the harsh marine environment. The amplifier is fully protected against damage from static, power supply surges or accidental reverse polarity. The AE2000 is ideal for boats, caravans, recreational vehicles and mobile homes.
An optional splitter kit allows the AE2000 to feed both a TV and a radio simultaneously.


Product Details

  • Covers all television and FM radio stations
  • Easy to install with detailed instructions
  • 20 dB gain digital ready amplifier
  • Weatherproof white polypropylene radome

In the Box:

  • 10 m coaxial cable, mounting hardware and connectors.

Product Specifications