Check your EPIRB

GME EPIRBs have the expiry date etched into their side, just below the fixing point of the orange lanyard line. The date is shown in month and year format. Make sure you talk to your preferred GME marine dealer about your replacement options by this date, or after use in an emergency.

Australian residents: Your AMSA registration sticker also displays an expiry date, but this date refers to when you next need to update your registration details either online at or by phone on 1800 406 406. 

New Zealand residents: Check your registration details are up to date with Maritime NZ either online at or by phone on 0508 22 55 22.

An accurate location within minutes

When activated in an emergency, a GME GPS equipped EPIRB firstly obtains its GPS location from the GPS satellite network. This location is then coded into the signal that the EPIRB sends to the COSPAS/SARSAT search and rescue satellite network. Armed with this vital information the rescue Coordination Centre (RCC) knows exactly where to send resources for a fast, effective response. Without GPS technology, the process of calculating a location and search area could take hours, and that’s before a rescue vessel or helicopter has been launched. In a life and death situation, time is everything....

Greater accuracy

In an emergency, reaching the incident quickly is essential to ensure the safety of those involved. That’s why GME engineers added a new 66 channel GPS receiver to the MT600G. This technology enables faster location and greater accuracy and provides rescue authorities with the information they need to narrow their search to an area about the size of a football field. Without this technology, the search area would be approximately 5km radius.


 More Australian rescues start with GME than with any other brand*

For further Information and Technical Specifications about GME Emergency Beacons, please follow these links to the relevant product pages:



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*Based on emergency beacons detected and determined as ‘Real Distress’ by AMSA.
N.B. A Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) is not a substitute for a 406 MHz EPIRB.

Australia / New Zealand BEACON Refurbishment Program

What is a BEACON refurbishment?

A GME beacon refurbishment is a comprehensive process to ensure your beacon is fit for purpose and meets all compliance standards for a safe boating experience. It is not simply a battery replacement; it involves replacing many parts of the beacon including the battery and an extensive testing regime using specialised equipment covering Ingress Protection (waterproof), 406MHz frequency and 121.5MHz homing signal validation. This ensures your GME refurbished beacon continues to meet Australian Standards. More info...