P25 Compliant Radios

GME P25 radios represent a significant opportunity for both large and small network operators to effectively future proof their communications systems. The CM60 series of mobile radios permits fleet transition from a simple, yet fully featured analogue transceiver to a totally compliant conventional or trunked P25 digital solution.

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APCO P25 Compliant - Open Standard

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Feel confident knowing you have a compliant network that meets all APCO P25 open standard, so that you are not locked into one brand of radio.

Network Customisation

Open APIs for Extensibility

Keeping with the P25 open-standards, all the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) developed at GME are publicly available to help third party developers get up and running with integrating and expanding the P25 platform. 

Network Link Security

Choose your level of Data Encryption Standard (DES) encryption (56 bit), or Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption at up to 256 bits key length.

AVL Tier 2 Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking 2Plug in the AVL/GPS module and be ready for P25 AVL Tier 2 vehicle tracking.

Analog to Digital Migration

Migrate at your own pace and future-proof your communications system, (UHF and VHF options available).

Installation Flexibility

Integrated Friendly

Through a constant dialogue with users and dealers within the professional radio industry, reliability, size and ease of operation were recognised as key factors in the design of the new CM series. GME has thoroughly delivered on these aspirations, with a range of configurable options to suit any application and virtually any vehicle installation challenge.

Couple these attributes with the benefits of the P25 radio communications system, interoperability with other manufacturer’s equipment, the scalable, cost effective CM series provides a truly flexible option in terminal selection.

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Compact Radio Chassis

Ease of placement and installation means lower installation costs and a quicker upgrade.

DepthUser Interface options

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Key Features

  • • Cost effective, future proof operational modes.
  • • Compact size with remote and standard mounting models.
  • • Powered by Etherstack P25 mobile stack – incorporating an improved IMBE Vocoder.
  • • High visibility 11 segment alpha/numeric LCD with continuously variable backlighting.

Setup and configuration

  • • Analogue operation with integrated CTCSS, DTCS, and 5 tone signalling capabilities.
  • • Compatible with ACMA narrowband channel spacing initiative.
  • • Programmable function buttons.
  • • MDC1200 signalling.