The TDR1000 portable repeater is lightweight, high powered and has a long duty cycle which can be tailored by individual programming of the radio components.

The chassis supports three radios operating in the VHF 136–174 MHz, UHF 403–480 MHz and UHF 450–520 MHz. Two of the radio slots are used for the receive and transmit radios in talk through repeater mode and a third radio slot accepts an optional linking radio that enables a wide range of flexible cross band and cross protocol applications.

The IP67 case houses a hi-spec diplexer and two LiFeP04 9 Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries allowing air transport of the complete assembled unit. A unique rubber mounted chassis means the TDR1000 has excellent resistance to shock and vibration. The optional AE1000 field antenna will provide a fast deployment communications network.


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Key Features

  • Variable TX output on all radios up to 25 watts.
  • Individual programming to each radio.
  • High specification diplexer.
  • LCD display for battery monitoring.
  • Smart controller microphone for local control.
  • Direct solar panel input 9-32 V, no regulator required.
  • Carbon fibre rapid deployment antenna system using ½ wave ground independent whip antenna.
  • Over current and voltage, plus reverse polarity protection.
  • Optional antenna guy kit for >50 knot winds.


  • Input voltage range: 9V DC to 32V DC
  • DC input power: 150 watt input
  • Supplied AC adaptor input: 90 to 264V AC input, 47-63 Hz
  • Supplied AC adaptor ouput: 12V DC at 16A constant current
  • Battery: 2 x nominal 12V SLA or LiFePO4
  • 9A hrs capacity each
  • Recharge time: 3 hrs minimum with supplied AC adaptor
  • Longer with low capacity source, eg solar panel
  • Radio voltage: 12V DC

TDR1000 Accessories


IP67 rated field battery case with full power management – uses sealed lead acid batteries.


MC522BC control microphone

Control microphone for local control of repeater,
allows volume and channel change functions.



IP67 rated field battery case with full power management – uses LiFeP04 batteries.



Half wave VHF antenna for AE1000MAST. 



110-240V AC charger, 12V DC 16A output suitable for SLA or LiFeP04 batteries.



Half wave UHF antenna for AE1000MAST.



Field ground bracket support for TDR1000 series repeater, includes AE1000MAST attachment.

Bk1000   Spacer  

AE1000MAST and softcase

6 m carbon fibre telescopic antenna mast with ground support stake, guy ring and 3 ground spikes.
Note: Whip antenna and guy strings not included.

 Ae1000mast All


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