The system

GME telemetry products offer a simple, cost effective system with an inovative range of both software and hardware solutions.

Tx3600 Image

The system is highly versatile and may be configured to meet a broad range of specific customer requirements including remote control and status monitoring.

The GME telemetry system can eliminate expensive time consuming visits to remote sites, by permitting ‘over the air’ commands to be sent 24 hours a day to carry out ‘status interrogation’ of equipment or environmental conditions. Any change to the status of these sites will immediately activate a visual and audible alarm at the base station.
A GME telemetry system comprises of a number of components: the telemetry radio, CIU control interface units, Super-Vise software program and the RCU3600 LCD data screen. Typically a system incorporates a base station (fixed or mobile) and a number of remote sites with GME radios providing the communication link.

Controlled at the base station by GME’s proprietary Super-Vise software installed on a PC, or as an alternative with an RCU3600 LCD data screen; up to 99 remote sites can be controlled and monitored. The CIU (Control Interface Unit) provides the interface between the remote sites radio and external sensors or remote control functions. A remote site CIU can control up to 8 outputs and accept up to 8 on/off inputs.

Data radios TX3600D, TX3600TN, TX3800TN
Telemetry Components CIU4/CIU8, RCU3600, AK3600

GME telemetry systems operate in the 148 – 174 MHz or the 450 – 520 MHz bands providing coverage of distances of up to 50 km between the base and a remote site. However, if the transmission path is obscured by the topography of the land or to a lesser extent buildings and trees, this range can be significantly reduced. In such situations GME radios can be configured as a ‘Store-and-Forward’ repeater thus extending the effective operational range of the system, the 5 or 25 watt output power will maintain a reliable link. For shorter distances the 1 watt output option may be selected.


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GME’s proprietary Super-Vise Base Station control software which allows the control and monitoring of up to 99 outstations; it receives alarms and real time status updates. The software will register all results in an event log file, invaluable for analysing data and record keeping.

The GME telemetry system uses a standard 10 tone selcall protocol (CCIR) with a proprietary packet structure for all transmissions. This method is simple and robust, delivering greater range and superior error free transmissions. Transmitted signals contain the remote sites ID’s, as well as the command or request message being sent or received.
The remote site relays the message back to the base station to confirm it has been correctly received. The base station is preprogrammed to re-transmit the message a given number of times until a confirmation is received. If no reply or an invalid response is received, a warning message is generated.

Common applications

  1. Outstation to Outstation - The most basic configuration, ideal for simple tasks such as keeping a tank full from a bore when it is not practical to run a cable.

  2. GME UHF Mobile Radio (TX3600D, TX3600TN) to an Outstation - This allows for simple On/Off functions to be controlled from a suitable GME UHF Radio. It can also be used in conjunction with other GME Telemetry configurations.

  3. Outstation to Multiple Outstations - A network of outstations can be installed to communicate with each other. An example is using this configuration as part of a control system within an irrigation system.

  4. In-Vehicle Display (RCU3600, AK3600) to Outstation - If the need to control and monitor multiple sites from your vehicle is your requirement, then this will give you the access you require.

  5. Base (Dektop, laptop) to Multiple Outstations - This gives you full control and automation of up to 99 remote outstations, along with back to base reporting and logging. This configuration is widely used in large installations and can be used in combination with the In-Vehicle Data Display.

Data radio and Telemetry components


Designed for easy installation and integration, the TX3600D features a fully specified integrated AFSK/FFSK data modem for point-to-point, multi-point data and telemetry solutions.

Operation modes

  • Basic byte/addressable, byte transparent,
    1200/2400/4800/7200 bps
  • Asynchronous/synchronous 1200/2400/4800 and V23
  • Wide-band audio/input/output
  • Conventional voice over link
  • In-built point to multipoint telemetry
  • In-built GPS listener
  • Point to multi-point telemetry




Control interface units housed in a weatherproof plastic case the CIU provides the interface between the TX3600T/3800T and external environment. An integrated opto-isolator protects the CIU and TX3600T/3800T 
from voltage transients and external sensor failure. Input and output statuses are indicated by individual LEDs.

The CIU4 has 4 digital outputs, 4 digital inputs and 2 analogue Inputs. The CIU8 is fitted with 8 digital outputs and 8 inputs, of which 4 are digital and 4 can be configured as digital or analogue. Both the CIU4 and CIU8 operate from an external 12 Volt DC power source.

Ciu I




5 watt telemetry radio

Designed and manufactured to operate in the harsh Australian environment,
the rugged die-cast chassis coupled with the latest in surface mount electronic technology ensures optimum performance and reliability.

The slide-in mounting cradle facilitates easy installation and the front mounted 8-way interface socket allows for quick connection to the RCU3600 remote display head or the AK3600 control head.

Tx3600tn I





LCD data screen

A 4 line x 20 character remote control display head designed to connect to the TX3600T/3800T, for use in the control and monitoring of the GME telemetry system when a dedicated PC is not in use. The RCU3600 may be used with GME Super-Vise software as a secondary control point in a vehicle permitting the interrogation of inputs, outputs plus the control of outputs and decoding of outstation alarms.

Rcu3600 I




25 watt telemetry radio

All the features of the TX3600TN as above but with a powerful 25 watt output.

Tx3600tn I




Audio kit

The AK3600 audio kit converts a standard TX3600T/3800T telemetry radio into a conventional talk-through radio. It is designed primarily to provide a voice channel to aid with the installation and testing of radio links within the GME telemetry system.

Ak3600 I


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