Triax TDH 800 and TDX Headend

Kingray Triaxtdxtdh800 Headend

Forget everything you know about headends, with the TRIAX TDX and TDH 800 you move into a completely new world.

TRIAX’s revolutionary IP pool technology simplifies the configuration and handling of headends, making the input and output modules mutually independent. All input signals, regardless of whether they are received via satellite, terrestrial, cable, audio/video or via the Internet, can be flexibly and independently distributed from a ‘pool’ to each and every output module. Each of these input signals can be converted to any output signal, PAL, QAM, COFDM or IP, and because the input signals are not fixed to any particular outputs, an input signal can be assigned to several output modules.

It’s that simple.


IP-pool technology

In close collaboration with planners, installers and operators, TRIAX has developed a new headend technology designed to meet todays television distribution requirements. This pool technology enables you to assign input and output signals freely. Meaning traditional module arrangements featuring input demodulator and output modulator are no longer necessary.

All incoming signals initially enter the ‘pool’, providing unlimited opportunities to multiplex services for each output modulation. One service can be used for different modulation types simultaneously. Furthermore, it is easy to change all assignments between input to output signals at any time, making this a uniquely flexible, efficient and economical solution.

This breakthrough technology greatly simplifies the installation programming and commissioning of headends by making sure the input and output modules are kept separate.

All input signals – regardless of whether they are received via satellite, terrestrial or audio/video – can be flexibly and independently distributed from a ‘pool’ to each and every output module. Another big advantage of the input and output modules being independent is that it only requires a small number of modules to support every receiving and distribution combination, making it easy to configure individual customised Mux packages.

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System technology


TDH 800





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Redundant PSU




IP-in IP-out


Multi unit


SID remapping

Common NIT





Alternative EIT input


EIT management


Network ID setting


Network name


Original network ID

Nit standard DVB, NorDig

CAT remove


Transport stream ID setting






One product, many applications

Kr Solution AD

Analogue / digital mirror

The TDX IP pool technology enables output of the existing services in the pool with different output modulation forms. As a result, the hardware can be minimized because each transponder is received only once. This provides the TDX as an optimal solution for the simultaneous transmission of analogue and digital services in a CATV network. The high signal-to-noise ratio allows support of large networks with multiple amplifiers in cascade.

Your benefits:

  • Only one receiver (tuner) per transponder
  • All services of a transponder can be fed into the IP pool
  • Encrypted services must be decrypted only once and can be used for simultaneous digital (QAM/COFDM) and analog (PAL) transmission
  • The headend can be easily changed from analog to digital by changing the output module.


Kr Solution DT

IPTV as a distribution technology

In closed buildings, there is a growing requirement for distribution of TV signals over CAT 5 cables. This requires a headend to receive the signals and transform them into IP services and also a middleware to administrate the IP receivers. In addition the used network structure must be designed to the requirements for IPTV transmission.

This relates specifically to the routers and switches used which must support layer 3 and IGMP standard.

Your benefits: 

  • Only one type of cabling in the building necessary
  • WIFI transfer to the end-user device
  • With the use of transcoder server it is possible to support different end-user devices.


Kr Solution MS

Full middleware solution

The combination of an IP headend and middleware addresses the fundamental needs of IPTV and internet access for hotels, hospitals, cruise ships etc. To increase the revenue return per guest a vast range of products and service options for multi-media are available. In cooperation with our partners we offer a wide range of IPTV solutions in this area.

Your benefits:

  • Tablet solution for remote control and live TV streaming
  • Meeting / conference room solution: Connect, present, browse, control
  • Hotel info – channel
  • Time shift
  • PVR – personal video recorder
  • Internet on TV.

Kr Solution FD

TDX as part of a fibre distribution

Increasingly, the existing optical CATV fibre networks (maybe in the past distributing analog modulated TV signals) are used more and more to transmit IP TV services between the central headend and sub headend. Also the distribution cells in new system architectures are planned to be smaller. One reason for this is the feed-in of internet services and providing bandwidth for internet services to the end customer.

These distribution cells can be built up as an RF distribution network or as an optical distribution network. There are different technologies for building up the system in terms of optical distribution. FTTC (Fibre to the curb), the optical distribution ends at the street cabinet. FTTB (Fibre to the block), the fibre reaches the boundary of the building. FTTH (Fibre to the home), the fibre reaches the living room.

Your benefits:

  • Easy signal handling and management
  • Independent RF distribution per cell possible
  • Smaller RF distribution cells
  • Redundancy systems with lower investments possible. 

The Benefits of Tomorrows Technology Today

For further information and technical specifications about the TDH 800 and TDX headend systems, please follow these links to the relevant product pages:

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