New SoundPath™ speaker control microphone

Our new SoundPath  speaker control microphone brings you clear sound right where you need it... Close to you. With a compact ergonomic design and total control in the palm of your hand, your UHF CB radio can now be mounted almost anywhere in your vehicle. Designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia, SoundPath is available with the super compact TX3350 and the fully featured TX3550S.

Select your LCD background colour from the complete spectrum to match your dash, and mount your mic in a convenient location.

Other features include Digital Signal Processing, Advanced Signal Management, Dynamic Volume Control, CTCSS, DCS and SelCall for ease of use and trouble free reliable communication.


TX3350 and TX3550S UHF CB Radios powered by digital signal processing for Pure Sound

As the only Australian manufacturer of UHF CB radios, GME are renowned for innovation and reliability the TX3350 and TX3550S are no exception.

super compact UHF CB radio with LCD SoundPath™ speaker microphone

The TX3350 is an 80 channel, feature packed super compact UHF CB radio with the new SoundPath™ full function LCD speaker microphone.

GME’s challenge was to create a unique solution that allowed a full function LCD Microphone to house an in-built speaker with clear audio all within an ergonomic, compact design. SoundPath™ technology diverts sound through a unique convex path from the rear mounted speaker whilst maintaining the compact size.

The TX3350 combines the unique combination of space saving benefits of a super compact size radio and full function speaker microphone all in the palm of your hand. The radio can now be discretely installed in almost any location within a vehicle and without the need for extension speakers.

Click here to view the TX3350 Super compact 5 watt UHF CB radio

DSP Compact UHF CB Two Way Radio with LCD SoundPath™ Mic & ScanSuite

Bringing together all of GME's unique technology, including ScanSuite™; the latest in digital scanning technology; the TX3550S is the flagship of the S series family. It comes with the MC634B fully functional LCD remote controller microphone with SoundPath™ speaker, full spectrum backlighting, tactile buttons and an ergonomic design for comfortable extended use. The microphone attaches to the front of the unit for obstruction free use and is the ultimate 'space saver'.

The radio comes with 95 user programmable receive frequencies to listen in on local emergency services to keep safe and stay in touch. Other features include SelCall, CTCSS, DCS and Voice Inversion Scrambler for those users looking for greater privacy and less interruption.

Click here to view the TX3550S radio

TX3350 super compact UHF CB radio with LCD SoundPath™ speaker mic

  • Full spectrum backlit LCD microphone with SoundPath™ speaker
  • Powered by Pure Sound DSP engine
  • User selectable open and group scan
  • User adjustable squelch
  • User selectable duplex channels
  • User selectable priority channel
  • 104 in-built DCS codes
  • 50 in-built CTCSS codes
  • 5 digit selcall with quiet mode
  • 5 year warranty
  • Australian design and manufacture

TX3550S DSP compact UHF CB radio with LCD SoundPath™ speaker mic

  • Full spectrum backlit LCD microphone with SoundPath™ speaker
  • ScanSuite™
  • User adjustable full spectrum LCD backlight
  • Advanced signal management
  • Dynamic volume control
  • Adjustable squelch
  • Open and group scan
  • Rear mic option
  • Memory channel quick select
  • CTCSS and DCS
  • Duplex
  • 5 digit selcall with quiet mode
  • Digital signal strength meter
  • 95 user programmable extra receive channels (403-520 MHz)
  • 5 year warranty
  • Australian design and manufacture