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Modulators are designed to convert a base band or A.V. (Audio Video) signal into an RF signal. This allows the outputs from set top boxes, videos, DVD’s, AM and FM tuners, CD players or cameras to be integrated into any television system. By using Kingray stereo modulators (able to adjust the RF output frequencies via the dip switches) a flexible solution is available to suit each individual system. NOTE: There are a number of cheap modulators on the market that have left and right channel inputs, however they are not a true stereo unit. When selecting a stereo modulator, ensure you are getting true stereo and not mono. The MD100VS allows for an RCA stereo or mono audio/video baseband input with a frequency adjustable RF output. The unit can be remotely or rack (KR001) powered to the output socket, or a separate power supply can be purchased. 

Product Details

Key Features

  • Agile in 250KHz steps Adjustable output level 63-103dB
  • Can be rack mounted
  • Stero sound - mono option
  • Fully shielded die cast housing
  • Powered locally or remote
  • Phase lock looped for stability
  • Harmonic filtering
  • Input voltage 12-18V DC
  • Switchable test pattern

In the box

  • Instruction Manual