Distress Beacons Save Lives – It’s That Simple

Words that were spoken by the AMSA Search and Rescue Manager, Mr Al Lloyd after another successful rescue just off the township of Grey in Western Australia on Wednesday, 11 October 2017.

Three people were found clinging to their upturned boat wearing life jackets after a GME EPIRB was activated at around 4 pm on the day of the incident.

AMSA diverted a nearby Royal Australian Airforce aircraft and also tasked the Western Australia and Emergency Services RAC Rescue Helicopter in order to get to the survivors as soon as possible, the Royal Australian Airforce aircraft arrived just 53 minutes after the activation of the EPIRB.

The RAC rescue helicopter team were able to winch up two survivors and an additional Volunteer Marine Rescue helicopter out of Jurien Bay was able to winch up the third person for a successful rescue of all three occupants within 2 hours of the EPIRB being activated.

Mr Lloyd of AMSA went on to say that a “properly registered, GPS-equipped distressed beacon made all the difference in search and rescue operations”.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority and GME would like to take this opportunity to remind users of the importance of registering your EPIRB before heading out to sea.

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