GME EPIRB Recall Update

In July 2014 Standard Communications Pty Ltd issued a voluntary recall on a specific range of GME MT400/MT401/MT403 EPIRBs manufactured between January 2005 and February 2008.

Whilst such occurrences are highly regrettable, we as a responsible organisation believed that in the ongoing interest of product reliability and safety of life at sea, the recall was necessary.

Over the past four years GME has made every effort to trace each of these EPIRBs, notify the owners and provide a replacement.

We have now reached a point where the final production of the impacted EPIRBs from February 2008 would be 10 years old, been returned for refurbishment or removed from service.

Consequently, Standard Communications Pty Ltd advises that having fulfilled all of our moral and legal obligations the GME EPIRB recall program is now considered closed.

Potentially, there may be the occasional customer wishing to make a claim under the program, in such situations, each of these claims will be assessed on its merits, however we believe it is highly unlikely that there are any impacted beacons remaining in service.

For more information, please contact us via email to enquiries@gme.net.au

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