Which Handheld UHF is Right for You?

When you’re out in the vast wilderness that is the Aussie outback it is important to take a UHF CB Radio with you as cellular phone reception is often limited outside metro areas. Unfortunately, a fixed mount UHF may not be sufficient as your vehicle may not always be able to go where you want to. For these instances it is recommended to have a handheld UHF with you to have a form of communication.

Just like our fixed mount UHF CB Radios, we offer a range of handheld UHF CB Radios to suit a variety of needs and applications. From 1 watt to 5 watt transmission power, GME is sure to have you ready for the outback with the perfect handheld UHF setup.


TX667: The 1 watt variant is an ultra-compact and lightweight UHF that features a high-contrast backlit LCD screen, programmable scan function, switchable transmission power (1/0.5 watt) and convenient USB charging for a 17-hour battery life. It is a perfect solution for close range communication for activities such as spotting a mate while tackling tough terrain in the 4WD or the twin pack for families who want to keep tabs on their kids around camp.

TX677: The 2 watt variant is a more serious performer than the TX667 but still retains a compact and lightweight design. With USB charging, up to 14-hour battery life, programmable scan function, switchable power (2/0.5 watt) and an easy to use rotary power/volume control. The TX677 handheld UHF is also available in a twin pack suited to prospectors, and a quad pack to suit the needs of tradies on the work site.

TX6160: The 5 watt TX6160 is designed for the harshest Australian Conditions featuring an IP67 ingress protection rating. Waterproof and dustproof with VOX hands-free mode, a built in LED torch and a 30-hour battery life the TX6160 is the ultimate in handheld UHF CB communication for both work and play. The TX6160 is available as a stand-alone unit (TX6160X), as a kit with a full range of professional grade accessories (TX6160) or in a twin pack (TX6160TP) with accessories and a rugged carry case. GME has also released two limited edition variants of the TX6160X, the TX6160XMCG and TX6160XO. The TX6160XMCG is bright pink, with a percentage of proceeds going to the McGrath Foundation and their support of Regional Breast Care Nurses. The TX6160XO is Blaze Orange, which offers a high visibility option that is suited to the worksite or for those adventuring and hunting.

With a handheld UHF CB Radio to suit whatever your game you’re in, be sure to check out GME’s full range of handhelds.

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