Why it’s Time to Upgrade to a New Radio

Used by everybody from boat owners, truck drivers and 4WD enthusiasts to Police Services, Highway Patrols, Rural Fire Services and even the military, UHF CB Radios are essential communication tools.

All these users need to know that their radios are fully functional and reliable. They need to know that, in the event of an emergency, their lines of communication remain open.

For that reason, when looking to purchase a radio for the first time, you should always buy a trusted, reputable brand. Similarly, when new radio communication technology that delivers improved performance is introduced, it makes good sense to upgrade accordingly. Now is such a time. The GME XRS™ family of radios, the first of a new generation of connected UHF CB radios enabled by Bluetooth® Smart technology, deliver a range of game-changing benefits and improved functionality.

Designed and made locally by world-class radio equipment manufacturer GME, the XRS™ family is rugged enough to handle the harshest Australian conditions. The new XRS™ microphone is tested to over 1,000,000 PTT cycles and the professional grade strain relief and OLED screen make this microphone the most durable available.

Designed for noisy environments and powered by GME’s unique ClearSound DSP architecture, the radios house a 2-watt speaker for clearer and more robust sound, The XRS Connect microphone’s speaker also features customisable buttons, which can be assigned various radio functions.

On top of that, the platform’s accompanying app, known as XRS™ Connect Location Services, delivers new levels of adaptability. The first ever app designed for a UHF CB radio, it operates much like a smart device and makes it possible to upgrade to new software as it becomes available.

Using the app, users can create any combination of up to 400 frequencies in eight scan lists (zones), including frequencies anywhere between 403-520 MHz and store them for simple, easy access. The lists can then be shared with any other XRS Connect radio user.

The XRS™ Connect Location Services App is compatible with most smartphones and tablets (Android 5.0 or iOS 9.0 or later). It provides users with instant access to over 20,000 registered frequencies and can also be used as a secondary radio screen.

Further features of the GME XRS™ Connect family include ScanSuite, which makes it possible to take part in virtual private group communications; and also means the platform can scan 25 per cent faster than previous generations of GME two-way radios.

GME’s 30 years’ experience in the radio communications field places it in a strong position to continue introducing technological advances like those embodied in the GME XRS™ radio platform.

From the 1980s, when the company’s range of 477 MHz radios played an important role in modernising farm communications, to the 1990s and its introduction of the game-changing GME TX4000 series of mobile UHF CB radios with their totally integrated multi-channel Selective Calling (Selcall) facilities and remote mounting capability, GME has been at the forefront of radio technology development.

Based in the Sydney suburb of Winston Hills, the company’s combined corporate headquarters and factory incorporates state-of-the-art engineering and test laboratories. It is here that GME makes full use of CAD/CAM technology, SMD manufacturing, Reflow Soldering techniques and automated assembly to develop its range of products.

Used by several Australia Government Departments as well as our Armed Forces, GME’s UHF CB radios have earned a reputation as quality products, containing components of the highest standard.

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