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The APCO P25 CM60 complete with the User Interface Controller (UIC) Microphone has been engineered and manufactured in Australia. GME has built a reputation for technical innovation within the Australia radio industry.

The UIC600G is a robust IP54 solution is fitted with a range of features:
• OLED screen to provide high-visibility characters that can easily been seen from all angles and any lighting conditions.
• Inbuilt microphone
• Powerful 2 watt front facing speaker
• Heavy-duty curly cord with 2m stretch, plus AD008 and 1.8 meter extenion cable
• Programmable buttons
• Alpha/numeric backlit keypad
• Front facing multicoloured LED light
• Dynamic rear bollard and mounting cradle enables features to be activated by the hang-up action

The CM60 series has 1072 channel capacity programmable in 50 zones. Incremental software license keys are available for P25 conventional, trunked and AES-256/DES encryption.

An optional FIPS 140-2 encryption module is also available with publicly listed API’s for 3rd party integrators.

The CM60 models are available as dedicated P25 data and telemetry models using an AT terminal interface.

Remote Control models are compliant to AS/NZS 4295, AS/NZS 4365 (UHF models), FCC Parts 90/15 and conform to TIA-102 Standards.

5/1 watt switchable power
IP54 speaker mic
Compact design
CAP Approved & TIA-102 Class A Compliance
DES Encryption
AES Encryption
Open API

Product Details

Key Features

  • Multi Mode Functionality P25 Phase 1 and Analogue Conventional
  • Most Compact P25 Mobile
  • CAP Compliant
  • DATA Models Available with Optional Interfaces such as ModBus, PacBus and DNP3 + AES256 Encryption

In the box

  • CM60-U5P-P25
  • P25 Conventional
  • UIC600G Microphone
  • LE013 - 12 volt Battery Cable