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The MDA15W is an F Type, single input masthead distribution amplifier designed to amplify 174-694 MHz. Whether the unit is used as a masthead or distribution amplifier the low noise figure, capacity for multiple channels with low distortion and a high output has proven to be effective in all installations, especially digital problem areas. The MDA15 range is based on a concept of convergent technology. The characteristics of the IC selected provides a very low noise figure and output figure that equals our DW32, 113dB @ -60 dB IMR, hence the name Masthead Distribution Amplifier (MDA). The MDA15 series are idealĀ for the digital television enviroment of today and well into the future.

Product Details

Key Features

  • Frequency range 174-694 MHz
  • Low noise figure
  • High output figure
  • F type connections
  • 100% weatherproof housing

In the box

  • MDA15W
  • Instruction manual