Australians are fortunate to be surrounded by endless natural wonders.

Exploring our own backyard is possible in a way unlike anywhere else on earth, and we use it to our full advantage.

Vast landscapes that offer everything from endless horizons and sandy dunes to hair-raising 4WD tracks, provide adventure for everyone, no matter what speed you choose to travel at.

The GME Difference

For over 60 years GME has been proudly Australian owned and operated.

We understand the challenges of the Australian landscape better than most, as we conduct ongoing real-world testing of our products to ensure they are able to stand the test of time, no matter the conditions.

We offer a wide range of premium-quality 4WD UHF CB Radios, 4WD Handheld Radios, 4WD Antennas, 4WD Emergency Beacons, and 4WD Accessories designed to suit the specific needs of the Australian 4WD community, so no matter where your drive takes you, take GME.


Pushing your 4WD to its limits is a challenge many of us love.

Fortunately, there is an abundance of rocky tracks and hidden trails scattered around the country to explore. GME is always with you on your adventure, providing reliable communications when things get challenging.

The XRS 4WD Pack is designed to stand up to any track, no matter how rough or rugged.


Aussies are spoilt for choice when it comes to long road trips.

As the 6th largest country on Earth, our homeland is dominated by expansive landscapes where it’s always more enjoyable to take the long route. You will be spoilt for choice whether you are driving from Cairns to Cape York, across the Nullarbor, or doing the Big Lap.

It is important to stay in contact while touring this vast landscape, especially as many parts of Australia have limited cellular reception.

Stay safe and connected with the XRS Outback Pack, the perfect communication companion for your outback travel.


Whether you are travelling indefinitely, choosing to spend the winter months up north, or simply enjoying a few short trips a year, the ‘grey nomad’ community within Australia is growing by the day.

Regardless of your mode of transport whether it be a caravan, motorhome, or campervan, the XRS Touring Pack will keep you connected whilst you travel and take in the beauty of the vast Australian landscape.

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