What’s the difference between XRS-330C and XRS-370C?

To check out all the differences between these two models see https://youtu.be/s6fVqTBj-y0

Can I use the Bluetooth functionality on XRS to link to my car’s sound system?

Yes. By pairing your XRS Connect mobile radio with the XRS-BT1 Bluetooth Interface Module, you can connect your XRS radio directly to a wide variety of 3rd party Bluetooth Audio accessories, including your vehicle’s stereo system.

For more information on the XRS-BT1, see https://youtu.be/KwKB0Qc5wNk

Why do I need Bluetooth on a UHF CB Radio?

The inclusion of Bluetooth® connectivity on our XRS™ Connect range of radios offers a number of unique advantages, including user-upgradeable firmware, XRS™ Location Services, and XRS™ Active Mute.

For more information on the unique features of the XRS™ Connect range of radios see https://youtu.be/xuel7MoKZ2M