MT610G Personal
Locator Beacon

Every year, thousands of people across the globe are rescued with the help of an emergency beacon, and more than 50% of Australian rescues involve a GME emergency beacon.

A Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) is an important piece of safety equipment which could help save your life should you ever find yourself in an emergency.

Key Features

Compact, Lightweight Design

The MT610G PLB has been designed with a strong focus on being as compact and light weight as possible, while not compromising on ease-of-use in an emergency.

Built-in GPS Receiver

The MT610G PLB features a built-in 72 channel GPS Receiver, ensuring fast transmission of accurate location information to rescue authorities. A distress signal transmitted by the MT610G will generally be received by rescue authorities in less than 15 minutes, with location accuracy of <150m.

Australian Made

The MT610G PLB is the only Australian Made PLB on the market, as GME is the only manufacturer of emergency beacons in Australia. GME has been manufacturing emergency beacons in Australia for over 40 years.

Simple Emergency Activation

The MT610G PLB has been designed and engineered to ensure simple and efficient activation in an emergency. The MT610G can even be activated with one hand.

IP68 Ingress Protection

The MT610G PLB features an IP68 Ingress Protection rating. This means that the PLB is completely dustproof and waterproof and can be submerged in water to a depth of 10m for up to 1 hour, ensuring the beacon is always ready to go when required.

7 Year Battery Life

The MT610G PLB offers a 7 year battery life from the date of manufacture, marked on the bottom of the beacon. At any time within the battery life period, the beacon will transmit for a minimum of 24hours once activated.

Cospas-Sarsat Certified (Class 2)

The MT610G PLB is Cospas-Sarsat Certified (Class 2) and meets all applicable Australian and New Zealand Standards.

Inherently Buoyant

The MT610G PLB is inherently buoyant which means the beacon will float in water, without the aid of an external flotation device, unlike some other PLBs on the market.


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Premium semi-hard carry case to suit MT610G.


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