AE3001 – UHF/VHF Digital TV Antenna

820mm UHF/VHF Digital TV Antenna

19th June, 2020

GME is proud to launch the newest addition to our range of mobile antennas, the AE3001. The AE3001 has been developed as a mobile UHF/VHF Digital TV Antenna with a rigid fibreglass design to suit the needs of both the heavy vehicle and caravanning industries.

With linear-loaded sections to cover both the VHF & UHF digital TV channels, the antenna is factory tuned and requires no further adjustment. Intended for mobile applications, this antenna is packed with a standard mounting base, 5 meters of low loss coaxial cable and F-type connection.

GME has a specialised design team with the ability to develop application specific antenna products. With a purpose-built facility based in Sydney, GME continues our on-going commitment and dedication to local Australian manufacturing. Local manufacturing ensures GME is able to produce the highest quality communications equipment tailored to the harsh Australian landscape.

For more information on this product download and view our Media Release below.