Take a Hike with GME

With COVID prohibiting international travel for a prolonged period there has been a renewed interest in exploring our own backyard. A particular way of exploring that has gained prominence is hiking.

Hiking involves heading out and exploring natural areas on foot, which are often mountainous or scenic terrains that are outside of the comforts of cities and often have limited reception, especially when traversing through canyons and valleys or exploring rocky caves and caverns. Hikes also range in duration, from a day trip that lasts for a few hours to overnighters that last a few days or even more. On these trips you must carry everything you need in your hiking pack, which is usually carried on your back, so in addition to knowing what you need to take, both the size and weight of the items you carry becomes an important factor. The team at GME have taken these needs on board and created products that hikers can take with them on their adventures to help keep them safe.

So, before you head out on your next hike you need to check you have the following in your kit. Obviously, you will need the essentials like food, water, weather-appropriate clothing, and footwear, first aid kit, a multi tool and navigation tools such as a map and compass. But we recommend adding a couple of other things to your pack before hitting the trails.

The first one is our latest emergency beacon, the MT610G Personal Locator Beacon (PLB). The MT610G is a must have for any outdoor adventurer and provides you with an easy to activate emergency distress signal if something goes wrong. The PLB also only weighs in at 160g and with dimensions of 88mm (h) x 66mm (w) x 36mm (d) it is compact enough to be stowed in any pack.

An optional extra is the premium, semi-hard CC610 carry case. This high visibility carry case features an oversized plastic zip which is easy to open and a sturdy carabiner clip to allow it to be attached to the side of any pack and free up valuable space inside.

To remain in contact with those around you there is the TX6160 5-watt handheld UHF radio. The TX6160 features an IP67 ingress-protection rating, meaning it is waterproof and dustproof for outstanding performance and ensures years of reliable use in the harshest Australian environments. With up to 30 hours battery life, a belt clip, and a built-in LED torch, this handheld radio is an easy to store, portable communication solution.

So remember, before you hit the trails, think GME.