Beacon Used to Call for Help

The Northern Daily Leader, Tamworth NSW published a news article on 5th February 2015 describing a rescue in which a GME MT410G Emergency Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) was activated in an urgent call for assistance.

Out to meet three others, Leonie Box and her friend were horseback riding in Guy Fawkes National Park, located between Armidale and Grafton just after lunch time. Leonie’s friend was thrown from her horse and suffered a fractured collar bone and cracked scapular. With her friend in severe pain, Leonie activated her GME MT410G PLB at approximately 4pm. In response, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority sent the Westpac Rescue Helicopter which arrived at the scene approximately two hours later. The crew flew the 61- year old woman to Armidale hospital where she was treated for her injuries.

“It definitely works and I am most grateful to have one. I wouldn’t go anywhere without one, ‘cos you just never know. We go horseback riding all the time and I always bring it with me.” –Leonie Box