Caring For Your Emergency Beacon

EPIRBs (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons) and PLBs (Personal Locator Beacons) save hundreds of lives each year and hopefully you will never be in a situation that calls for you to activate your beacon. However, if you are you will need to be certain that your EPIRB or PLB is ready.

We have made a checklist of the steps you should follow to ensure your emergency beacon is ready:

  1. Make sure it is registered with Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA).
  2. Ensure the battery expiry date has not been reached. This date can be located on the side of your EPIRB or PLB.
  3. Select the ‘Test’ mode on your beacon.
    1. For an EPIRB flip the cover marked lift on top of the beacon and press the TEST button. The EPIRB will run 3 three tests, if passed it will result in the indicator light showing green and an audible high ‘beep’ being heard. If it fails it will display red and have an audible low ‘beep’ sound.
    2. For a PLB use the key (attached to the lanyard) to slide the self-test switch down (found at the rear) and then release, a double beep and flash of the light will indicate the PLB is functioning correctly.
  4. Confirm that there is no physical damage to the EPIRB or PLB and that the safety seal is in place and unbroken.

We recommend following these simple steps monthly or prior to any extended voyage or adventure.

If your beacon fails any of these steps, we recommend contacting our service department on 1300 463 463 or via techsupport@gme.net.au for assistance.