EPIRB Rescue Off Moreton Bay

A GME EPIRB has been used in the rescue of an elderly sailor off the coast of Moreton Bay in Queensland on the 4th of March, 2020.

Queensland Police requested assistance in locating an elderly solo sailor who was disoriented and suffering dementia whilst sailing in Moreton Bay. After establishing communication with the sailor and following advice from the JRCC in Canberra, instructed the man to activate his MT400 EPIRB.

The 406MHz signal was detected by the JRCC and forwarded to the QLD police to allow them to establish the vessels location and co-ordinate the needed assistance for the solo sailor to ensure his safe return.

This once again serves to remind us how important it is to notify people when heading out on a trip and that PLBs and EPIRBs are crucial pieces of equipment that are essential when heading out on the open waters.

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