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Fire & Rescue NSW Community Fire Unit Keeps Connected with GME

Sydney, Australia: GME, the Australian leader in land-based and marine communications equipment, emergency signalling beacons and television signalling equipment is pleased to announce that it has been chosen to supply UHF CB Radios to Fire & Rescue NSW Community Fire Units.

FRNSW has selected the GME TX675 Handheld radio as their UHF CB radio of choice for Community Fire Units (CFUs) following extensive testing and evaluation.
The GME TX675 was selected for its excellent performance, useful features and ease of use. GME’s Australian engineering DNA is at the heart of these products, guaranteeing high performance in real world conditions, with intelligent software and hardware design to maximise talk time and minimise downtime.

In addition to providing rechargeable lithium batteries, with up to 14 hours of operation, the TX675 radios provide the unique benefit of being able to be charged via USB, making it ideal when on the go in a vehicle or via a portable battery charger.

“We’re proud to contribute to the FRNSW CFU’s preparation, prevention and protection from bushfires and look forward to working closely with everyone to provide excellent ongoing support” – GME.