GME EPIRB Saves Fishing Vessel

A GME EPIRB has assisted in the rescue of a fishing vessel and its crew in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

The beacon was activated on the 17th of April after the fishing vessel ‘Parma’ became immobilized after being struck by a rogue wave that crushed the ship’s bridge. With the bridge being crushed the electronics were damaged, causing the complete loss of power to the engines and on-board communications systems.

With no alternative means of communication, the skipper activated his GME MT403FF EPIRB to alert rescue authorities to the grave situation. Upon receiving the 406MHz signal via the COSPAS-SARSAT satellite system, rescue authorities attempted to contact the vessel via radio and satellite phone but were unsuccessful. Rescue authorities then contacted another fishing vessel in the area and requested they travel to the location provided by the activated EPIRB to aid the crew of the stricken vessel.

The tasked fishing vessel arrived at the location of the immobilized boat early the next day and began towing the stranded crew’s boat towards its home harbour of Peniche on the mainland of Portugal where it arrived on Easter Friday, uniting the lucky crew with their relieved family and friends.

This serves as a reminder that an EPIRB is an essential piece of emergency communications equipment for anyone that plans on heading out to sea.