GME PLB Contributes to Kroombit Tops Rescue

On Saturday the 13th of July a woman suffered a broken leg whilst on an adventure ride in the Kroombit Tops National Park, Queensland.

The woman was riding up the mountain with two others when she lost control when navigating a bend on the dirt track. During the crash the motorbike fell on her right leg, causing a break to both her Tibia and Fibula.

Unable to ride or move and out of phone reception one of her riding partners activated his GME MT410G Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) at approximately 1pm.
A short time later the scene was attended by a nearby helicopter that advised a rescue helicopter was on its way. Within an hour the injured rider was evacuated from the area by the rescue helicopter and flown to Redcliffe Hospital for treatment. Since the incident, the rider is making a steady recovery and is looking forward to getting back out on her motorbike.

This incident serves as an important reminder of the benefits of carrying a PLB when travelling to remote areas with limited cellular phone coverage.