GME Support of Local Fire Services in Bushfire Crisis

The people of Australia have watched on in horror as the worst bushfire crisis in recorded history has unfolded across the country through the early summer of 2019-2020, causing widespread devastation to the Australian bush, native fauna, properties, and sadly resulting in the loss of numerous innocent lives.

The team at GME have been deeply affected by this tragic series of events, the impacts of which have resonated to the very core of our customer base in many areas around Australia in which the company has operated for over 60 years.

Throughout the company’s history, GME has specialised in providing communications solutions to customers in areas lacking traditional communications infrastructure, which are particularly important in times of crisis such as we are currently experiencing.

Over recent weeks, the team at GME have proactively contacted a number of RFS, CFA, and CFS branches through our existing networks, to ensure radio communications solutions are freely available in the worst affected areas of the country.

Through the ongoing donation of UHF CB radio products directly to those organisations whose members are volunteering their time and risking personal harm to defend our properties, homes, and lives, GME hopes to assist in ensuring the safety of those individuals who continue to work tirelessly in the face of significant danger.