GME Supports Australian National Security With Local Manufacturing

Penten, one of Australia’s leading security technology companies, has officially released its updated AltoCrypt pBox product, an anti-eavesdropping device.

First launched in 2018, the pBox is a portable container designed to prevent mobile phones from listening in on sensitive and classified conversations. The pBox allows workers to remain in close contact with their phones in important meetings and secure facilities, without the risk of the phone eavesdropping or collecting video.

GME’s sovereign partnership with Penten has ensured that the new pBox design is manufactured in Australia with new enhancements and at a lower cost than the previous model. The upgrades include updated software, improved locking system, faster charging of device, custom parts and a sleek new look.

The custom manufacturing by GME and Penten in Australia allows for larger volume of the product to be built at a significantly lower price, enabling Penten to pass this saving directly through to customers. GME was able to support Penten in delivering these cost reductions by leveraging its robust supply chain, state-of-the-art Surface Mount Technology (SMT) manufacturing equipment and local production facility.

“GME is extremely proud to be contributing to enhancing Australia’s national security by providing sovereign industrial capability from our manufacturing facility based in Winston Hills – Sydney.” GME’s Defence Program Manager, Winslow Tam said of GME’s input into the production of the pBox.

“The pBox is one of our flagship products and we are thrilled to be able to bring this new iteration to market,” Penten’s General Manager, Business Strategy, Joshua Bolton said.  “In addition to providing security and peace of mind to our customers, our new pBox is entirely made in Australia with our manufacturing partner, GME.” Mr Bolton said.

“Penten has always believed that Australia is well placed to be a global hub for national security technology and this product is proof it’s possible to cost effectively manufacture in Australia,” he said.  “Given the wealth of knowhow and capability in Australia, there is no reason why the country cannot forge a path as a global technology leader.” Mr Bolton said.

pBox comes under Penten’s Secure Mobility division, which also manufactures the AltoCrypt Phone and AltoCrypt Stik.