MT603G: The Benefits of Keeping Things Local

In this age of globalisation, many Australian companies choose to base their manufacturing operations offshore. While they may keep other parts of their operations, like R&D or design in Australia, they don’t actually assemble their products here.

Of course, there is resistance to this trend, and many high-quality manufacturers choose to stay in Australia, backed by a number of calls from politicians and other prominent figures to support our manufacturing sector by buying Australian Made.

The problem is, these calls tend to be based to sentiment. “We all should buy locally made products to support local jobs and ensure Australian businesses survive” is the logic behind most of them.

While we support this notion, it misses the main point. It ignores the fact that Australian consumers should buy Australian made products because they are the best available.
The MT603G water-activated, GPS-equipped Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) from GME is a perfect example. Cospas-Sarsat certified for worldwide operation, it is not only designed and manufactured locally but also tested in the harshest Australian maritime conditions.

The most advanced EPIRB on the market, the MT603G represents the best opportunity of rescue in a maritime emergency. Boat owners who buy the MT603G aren’t simply doing their bit to help Australian manufacturing. They are prioritising their own safety.

The MT603G EPIRB proves that Australian manufacturers can compete with the best in the world. It shows that, far from being an impediment, manufacturing locally actually delivers local businesses benefits that overseas operations can’t match.

Because GME has all its resources right here in Australia, it doesn’t have to deal with the challenge of communicating with a manufacturing partner that is in another country. The company can handle engineering problems as they arise, without the need for excessive overseas travel or communication across long distances (and different time zones).

By staying local, businesses like GME are able to reap the benefits that come with confining all their operations to one jurisdiction, one set of regulations, and one business culture. They can benefit from their deep understanding of local conditions and carry out their development and manufacturing tasks with minimum distraction.

Those who purchase products like the MT603G EPIRB can rest assured that they have made the right choice and that they are buying a quality product that is designed, tested and engineered for local conditions.

And as a bonus, they can pat themselves on the back for helping to boost local industries and create jobs.

GME is a Sydney-based designer and manufacturer of world-class radio communication equipment. Visit their website to find out more about the MT603G EPIRB.