Picking the Right UHF Setup

With international travel off most peoples lists for the foreseeable future we are expecting an increase in the number of Aussies going to explore our outback.

Before heading out on that adventure it is important that you have the right gear for the job, and that means having a UHF radio especially if your next adventure is away from the big cities. As UHF radios are available in several styles in both  handheld and  fixed mount options it can make choosing one seem difficult.

To make it easier we have made a simple guide to let you know which UHF will suit your next outback adventure:

Hiker/Cyclist – TX6160X: A 5-Watt Handheld UHF with an IP67 ingress-protection rating makes it a durable and reliable option for those who are always on the move. The durability coupled with a 30-hour battery life makes it a great choice for those who are out exploring for a day or two.

Occasional Traveller – TX3120SPNP: if you are not frequenting the outback very often it may not appeal to you to have a permanent UHF solution in your vehicle. To alleviate that we have the TX3120SPNP, a portable plug and play UHF solution to suit any vehicle.

Grey Nomad – XRS-330CTP: If you are sticking to the bitumen for most of your driving you should look no further than the XRS Touring Pack. This pack couples our XRS-330C and our AE4018BK1 to create the ultimate UHF setup to suit any touring vehicle.

Outback traveller – XRS-330COB: When travelling to remote areas you are going to experience some tough tracks. Reliable gear is a must in these cases, and we have made the kit to handle this with ease, the XRS Outback Pack. It pairs our super compact XRS-330C UHF radio with the AE4707B medium duty antenna to handle whatever the outback may throw at you.

Hardcore 4WDer – XRS-370C4P: When hardcore off road tracks and trails are your thing you will need something tough to withstand the harshest Australian conditions, and there is nothing tougher than the XRS 4WD Pack. Pairing our XRS-370C and the heavy duty AE4704B it is the perfect combination to keep you connected on any trail.

Bonus Option for the Kids: TX667 – This 1-Watt handheld is perfect to give to the kids so you can keep in contact with them around camp or whilst exploring.

In addition to these products we have a range of antennas and UHFs, both fixed mount and handheld that can be paired together to create a fully customised solution to handle whatever adventure you have planned.

If you would like more information on which UHF setup you may need just contact us on 1300 463 463 or have a chat with your local GME dealer.