Where The Bloody Hell Am I?

On your next adventure don’t get caught out wondering ‘Where The Bloody Hell Am I?’. Our latest campaign is a play on the iconic ‘Where The Bloody Hell Are You?’ campaign from Tourism Australia and aims to highlight the importance of being prepared on your next adventure by ensuring you have the right gear by your side.

With the world facing a pandemic, international travel has been put on the back burner and recent research has highlighted that domestic travel is on the rise, particularly to regional and remote areas.

Whilst we encourage all Australians to get out and explore our beautiful country, it can be easy to get lost or run in to a spot of trouble while exploring the great outdoors. Our campaign urges Australians to avoid a ‘where the bloody hell am I?’ moment by ensuring that they pack the right equipment so that can keep them, and their loved ones stay safe.

Independent research conducted by PureProfile highlighted that despite half of all Aussies expressing confidence in their survival knowledge and skills, the vast majority would not pack the right safety communication equipment before travelling to a regional or remote area. Mobile phones are the most popular safety equipment choice behind the essentials (food and water), but 95% of people did not realise that a small fraction of Australia’s landmass is covered by mobile phone reception. Packing equipment like a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) or a UHF radio featured at the bottom of the safety equipment list for Aussie adventurers despite the life-saving importance of these devices in an emergency, especially when there is no mobile phone reception.

So, remember the next time you head out to explore the Aussie Outback, be sure to pack the right gear so you don’t wind up asking yourself where the bloody hell am I?

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