XRS™ Connect Firmware Update

XRS™ Connect Voice Playback is a brand-new feature available for the XRS™ Connect range of UHF CB Radios, enabling users to record all voice transmissions received from other radios. The user can then quickly and easily play back the recorded transmissions via the supplied OLED controller microphone, ensuring missed calls are a problem of the past.

XRS™ Connect Voice Playback records and stores the first 30 seconds of each received transmission, with a total recording time of 12 minutes. During playback the radio will display the name of each recording and the time elapsed since the call was received.

This new feature is ideal for users relying on UHF CB communication in loud, noisy environments such as the cabins of heavy vehicles, plant machinery and 4WDs.

This exciting new feature is now available to download via firmware update through the XRS™ Connect and XRS™ Location Services smartphone applications on both Google Play and the App Store.

For more information on the XRS™ Connect range of products, visit www.gme.net.au/getxrs