XRS™ Connect Outback Pack

XRS™ Connect Outback Pack

21st May, 2020

GME is excited to introduce the brand new XRS™ Connect Outback Pack. This pack is the latest addition to the revolutionary range of XRS™ Connect UHF CB radios, designed to be smart, adaptable and rugged.

Enabled by Bluetooth® Smart technology, the XRS™ Connect range are a new generation of connected UHF CB radios with unique features exclusive to GME; including the XRS™ Connect smartphone app, and the recently released, game-changing XRS™ Connect Location Services, Voice Playback and Active Mute.

Combined with a market-leading speaker microphone featuring a bright, anti-glare OLED display and powerful 2 watt front-facing speaker, the XRS™ Connect range of radios offer outstanding performance in the toughest conditions.

The XRS™ Connect Outback Pack pairs the popular XRS-330C Super Compact UHF CB Radio, with the new medium duty AE4707B radome antenna, providing the perfect solution for those users looking for the ultimate communications set-up ready to hit the rugged Australian outback.

For more information on this product download and view our Media Release below.