AT4705BATP – Heavy Duty Multi-band Cellular Antenna – Twin Pack

AT4705BATP – Heavy Duty Multi-band Cellular Antenna – Twin Pack

11th Jan 2023

GME is proud to launch the newest addition to our AE4700 series of fiberglass radome antennas, the AT4705BATP. This Heavy Duty Multi-Band Cellular Antenna Twin Pack is Australian designed and manufactured to meet the tough conditions of the Australian outback.

The AT4704BA and AT4705BA are Multi-Band cellular antennas, designed to deliver optimal performance on the 4G LTE networks found around the fringes of rural areas.

The AE4705BATP includes a combination of a shorter length whip with lower gain for mountainous terrain or built-up areas, and a longer length whip with higher gain for travelling on open roads or flat terrain.

GME has a specialised design team with the ability to develop application specific antenna products. With a purpose-built facility based in Sydney, GME continues our on-going commitment and dedication to local Australian manufacturing. Local manufacturing ensures GME is able to produce the highest quality communications equipment tailored to the harsh Australian landscape.